Trend Alert: Terry Cloth Clothing
July 29, 2021
Penelope Trent

At this point, the return of trends from the ‘70s, ‘80s, or ‘90s is a fairly routine matter. Occasionally, however, some new trends manage to catch us off-guard. One of these trends, which appears to be one of this summer’s hottest trends, is terry cloth clothing, a.k.a. towel clothes. Yes, we said towel clothes! The plush fabric that we associate with pool hangs or carefree beach days has playful and relaxed energy – which is the exact mode we are going to channel this summer.


Getty Images/ GC Images/ MEGA


This trend started in the ‘70s, carrying on to the ‘80s from young fashionistas to childhood swimwear, which damaged the fashionable edge and appeal of the warm-season-friendly fabric. But now, it is coming back. Despite being a heavier weight than other fabrics more associated with summer, like linen and cotton, terry cloth’s fluffy, quick-drying texture is ideal for keeping you cool on sweltering-hot days.



It is also ideal for post-quarantine summer. After spending so much time at home, this fabric allows for a fashionable addition to your wardrobe, one that will make you want to step outside, without sacrificing comfort. It seems the optimistic and carefree vibe terry cloth brings to any look is catching on, with A-list fans like Hailee Steinfeld, Sophia Richie, and Hailey Bieber jumping aboard the trend.



And yet, the terry cloth is more than just a practical textile. Like many other resurfaced trends, towel clothes get a contemporary and advanced upgrade with slightly more sophisticated and varied cuts and surprising colors – from neon, through floral prints to stripes in different shades. Brands are reimagining the versatile fabric in all kinds of ways, using it to make cute swimsuits, unisex cabana shirts, matching sets, and even bucket hats. Towel clothing is great for various occasions – from tropical getaways to a day at the park – it is bound to provide style with comfort. We can’t wait to see this trend in action this summer! What do you think of it? Are you onboard?


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