Trend Alert: The Shoes of the Season
June 18, 2020
Penelope Trent

Heeled sandals, and sandals in general, have long become the leading item in the summer footwear section. Now, a new distinct, high-fashion line of design (that is usually reserved only for iconic designer bags) gives the sandals a surprising and stylish twist. Like quite a few trends in previous seasons, this one was also originated by Bottega Veneta. The Italian brand, which recently experienced a renaissance after several years under the radar, is solely responsible for the specific style that took over this season’s footwear departments – from luxury labels to fast fashion brands.


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Just as the now-ubiquitous thin-strap sandals started from Celine’s “nude” sample, so is their design antithesis, Bottega’s “upholstery” sandals, are making strides right into the fashion mainstream. Its main element is actually most recognized with a different brand and is based on quilt texture: small, fluffy squares just like in Chanel’s iconic bags. After making the padded bag that has taken its spot in the fashion world, Bottega matched this classic feature to a slightly less classic item – the heeled sandals that have remained relevant for several consecutive seasons now.


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The result padded the feet, heart, and feed of some of the best fashionistas all over the world right away. A few months after that, while Bottega Venta’s padded models continue to be sold out, new and more approachable alternatives are released. At the top is, of course, Zara, whose many translations to this trend are visible when scrolling through their selection at the shoe category. While there is no guarantee that the padded sandals will be here for long, they seem to have completely taken over this season. So, what do you think of this rising trend? Are you onboard? Will you purchase a pair? And if so, will you buy it from the originator of the trend, Bottega Venta, or will you buy an alternative?


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