Trend Alert: The Teardrop Bags
April 8, 2021
Penelope Trent

Once in a while, our Instagram feed will fill up with a certain item, designer, company, etc., that all the it-girls seem to embrace. Recently, the it-bags category welcomed another trendy model. So, if you refreshed your feed in the last few months, you had probably come across this rising trend and can give it a name – teardrop bags. Unlike other bags whose names derive from their shape, form, or a different formative characteristic, the teardrop bags got their name precisely because of the space that opens up between the body of the bag and the carrying handle. The round-shaped hole is the common denominator of this boiling category, which no influencer can afford to miss.



The website Who Wear What described the teardrop bags as an updated and freer version of the familiar Hobo bags – thanks to a distinct roundness in the body of the bag, which creates the drop space along with the carrying strap. This handbag is practical. The teardrop shape allows you to throw it over your shoulder comfortably, and from one look at all the photos, you’ll see how much sense this bag shape actually makes. It’s basically the purse equivalent of a hug for your underarm (and what more could you want?).



The list of brands that offer contemporary versions of the spoken form is long. It includes intermediate brands like S.Joon, By Far, and Staud, and of course, also fast chains and super brands. Of the latter, a model named Judy from the fashion house Bottega Venta, who is associated with quite a few handbags that have starred in recent seasons, stands out. The teardrop bangs come in various ways and versions – leather, suede, and textile, to name a few. The teardrop bags can be carried on the shoulder or held on your wrist. Also, in terms of color, the category offers a seductive maneuvering space, where you can find classic versions in black and brown alongside spring versions in pastel colors. This handbag trend is already popping up everywhere and will continue to be one of the It-handbag styles of the season.


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