Trends We Need To Say Goodbye To This Summer
July 5, 2019
Penelope Trent

The summer is finally here! Some trends that have come up in recent years refuse to leave and can still be seen everywhere. But as we all know, in its nature, a trend has an expiration date, and these items below are way past their due date. Here are the trends we need to say goodbye to this summer:

Tiny Sunglasses

Getty Images/ Entertainment/ Roger Kisby

I know I featured neon in my list for the hottest summer trends of 2019, but I have some second thoughts. Though it can be seen everywhere, I have found the neon to be too outlandish and not always flattering. When worn as a suit, neon shirt and neon pants, it’s truly a fashionable sin. Don’t get me wrong, Billie Eilish (in the image above), pulls it off perfectly, my point is that not everyone can.

It’s important for me to note, this is my personal opinion. Wear whatever makes you feel good, after all, fashion is subjective.

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