Truths To Remember When Life Sucks
May 31, 2018
Alexandra Wade

Sometimes, life can get us down. Life can be unpredictable and disappointing. But there are certain truths that we always need to remember to help us keep our head up through the tough times.

Everything is temporary. Never forget that. Things will get better, just be patient, take a deep breathe, and let life take its course.  

Everything happens for a reason.  It can, of course, be hard to really believe this, but we have to faith that the universe really does have our best interests in mind and that something is looking out for us.  When one door closes, another opens. Just wait.

Everything is relative.  You might think that today was the absolute worst day of your life. But chill, and put things into perspective. Be grateful for everything that you do in fact have in your life, and think about those who really have nothing. Things really could be a lot worse, right?

Everything is made up in our minds.  So you think you did the most embarrassing, stupid, thing ever? Truth be told, no one probably even really noticed, or cared. It’s all in your mind. None one is laughing at you or even thinking about it. Keep calm and carry out.

Everything comes with a lesson. It sucks to fail, but without failure, we would never learn from our mistakes. It’s just the way life works. So enjoy the journey, and try to take as many lessons as you can from it.

Everyone else is right there with you.  You might think that the rest of us have perfect lives because of Instagram, but you really are not alone. Most of us, especially in our twenties are seriously struggle to figure ourselves out. It’s alright. Being lost is the cool thing, and your family and friends who really care about you will be more than happy to help you out.

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