Trying To Keep My Head Above Water
September 23, 2019
Claire Miles

As I wrote here not too long ago, I started working at a new job. Another thing you should probably know about me is that I have a hard time connecting with people. It takes a long while to open up and dare to speak up. This puts me in a very uncomfortable position as I struggle to be more present.

See, as a part of my job, I’ve been told to be initiative and take action – to think outside of the box. Trying to do so and fit in is very difficult for me because of my personality. While I’m trying to take charge and think outside of the box, I’m afraid to step my boundaries and be more of a burden than assistance. The people that work with me are very busy, and while it’s understandable that I am not in full control after only a short period, I fear negging and intruding them.

Besides, the fact that my predecessor was very beloved and successful is not working in my favor. While she was in control of everything and knew her way around the job, I’m still new and have a lot to learn. I am making my first steps in my work and still require guidance.

I hope that over time I will be at control over my position and fit in. As I’ve mentioned, it takes me a while to open up to others and state my opinion. Hopefully, over time, this will be easier for me too. To all of you out there also struggling with a similar issue, let’s try and dare together. Let’s try to speak our minds and take initiative.

Here is to hoping things will be better shortly.

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