Types of Relationships Compared to The ‘Love is Blind’ Couples
April 7, 2020
Alexandra Wade

Like all of during this quarantine, I suddenly found myself with all this free time at my hand. I had decided to use this time to watch the content I didn’t get to see on Netflix. One of the shows I finally got the chance to see is Love is Blind. When I finished binging the show, I suddenly realized that I see different types of relationships I had in the past in each couple. Here are my thoughts:


Jessica and Mark: The One-Sided Relationship



This type of relationship hurts. While one of you is all in, the other isn’t fully invested in your relationship. They are with you because the person they liked rejected them or they are just really lonely. They feel like they are settling being with you, but at least you love them full-heartedly.


Well, this is where they are wrong. For a relationship to work, both parties have to be committed to making it work. No relationship will ever work out with one partner loving the other one more. Jessica thought that being with someone who loved her is what she needed to be happy, but was the one to leave because she felt it wasn’t right.


Kelly and Kenny: The Best Friend Relationship

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While being best friends with your partner is an ideal situation, being more friends than lovers is a problem. Unfourtenetly, that was the case for Kelly and Kenny. In this type of relationship, while you happen to like a lot about each other, the “like” never turns into love.


Giannina and Damian: The Emotional Rollercoaster Relationship


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While in the beginning everything seemed great and the two of you hit it off, suddenly, out of nowhere, everything changed. The honeymoon phase has come to an end. One minute you were all over each other, and the next you’re in the middle of a screaming match with each other.


Slowly, the trust you built starts to fade. You enter a vicious cycle of arguments, tears, and apologies. But the apologies are only temporary. Soon enough, you’ll find something else to fight over. While you do love them, sometimes it just isn’t enough to keep the relationship afloat.


Amber and Barnett: The Fun Relationship


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You’re dating a womanizer, but you might be the one to change his ways. The two of you are attracted to each other in every way and won’t allow obstacles to come between you. It’s a playful relationship, and you’re both about having a good time and fun together.


Lauren and Cameron: The Serious Relationship


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This is the kind of relationship you waited and wished for. Your partner is the perfect match for you and wants nothing but to love you for your true self. There are rarely any fights because you understand each other; you’re both on the same page. 


It’s a perfect match.


What do you think? Do you agree? How many of these types of relationships you’ve had in the past? And can you identify your current?


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