Unexpected Love
April 1, 2019
Jade Kerr

Love is a strange and confusing thing that we will never truly be able to make sense of. In some cases, we experience it at first sight as they say. But sometimes, it happens when we are least expecting it…

It comes right at us, sneaking up on us from absolutely nowhere when we’re not ready for it. You begin with some casual small talk, text here and there, talk about mundane, every day topics, perhaps you think they are attractive and somewhat intelligent and consider hanging out with them, maybe even taking things a step further.

But anything more than that? Anything more surely hasn’t even entered your mind because you’ve convinced yourself that the time isn’t right, or that they aren’t exactly your type, right?

But you then catch yourself thinking about them at all times, wondering what they’re up to, and all of a sudden, you find yourself dreaming of them too. You start to google these feelings you’re experiencing, you take online quizzes and try to make sense of the situation. You beg the internet for an answer.

You hear a love song and you start to think of them right away, feeling as though they are the one, the love of your life, despite the fact that you know they have no idea.

This is the kind of love that you will hit you the hardest of all. Because that person goes from just someone, to the person you want to make your everything, the one you want to hug and share your deepest darkest secrets with.  What do you do though when this unexpected love is not returned to you?

Perhaps this person you’ve fallen hard for sees you merely as a friend. Unexpected love hits us hard, and love that is unreturned burns the heart from all sides, more than anything else you’ve ever felt.

That’s love – it’s a crazy, confusing, puzzle that you may never be able to put together. But no matter what, it makes life worth it – yes, even the hard, unexpected love.

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