Unworthy Of Love?
January 5, 2019
Alexandra Wade

You might not know this – but your heart is so incredibly beautiful. Beating yourself up for all the struggles on your journey is so easy. But mistakes do not mean you are a failure, and most certainty does not mean you are not worthy….

Someone leaving you and walking away does not mean you are not worthy. Nor does being lied to, cheated on, rejected, or played around with. None of these things make you unworthy. You are worthy of love because you’ve got a soul and a huge beating heart inside of you.

It’s easy to believe that we aren’t worthy. It’s easy to express our insecurity, because then maybe someone will come to save us and affirm our worthiness.  Feeling unworthy is all in our minds, and the best way to get rid of it is to touch on the very roots of where it stems from.

You are worthy of love from whoever your heart desires it from, but most of all you are worthy of love from yourself.  It gets easier once you start believing the truth. It’s an everyday struggle, and it’s hard.  But you’ve got to start this new cycle.

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