Using Meditation To Boost Well Being
December 13, 2022
Laura Lee

You may be able to manage stress and high blood pressure, get better sleep, feel more balanced and connected, and even reduce your risk of heart disease by engaging in mindfulness and meditation activities. Meditation and mindfulness are techniques that can help you let go of tension and feel more at ease and tranquil. These activities frequently involve breathing, silent reflection, or continuous attention to anything, such as an image, phrase, or sound.

Consider it a brief break from the tension in your life! Your body’s natural warning system is stress. Your breathing quickens, your heart rate increases and your blood pressure goes up as a result of the hormone adrenaline that is released. It motivates us to act, which is advantageous when we are in actual danger or have a task to do. This flight or fight response however can produce a strain on the body if it is constantly exposed to it. Mindfulness meditation provides a sustainable way to combat this. Sitting still and paying attention to your breath might suffice. When your thoughts stray (and they will!) gently bring them back to your breathing. Your ability to focus for longer periods of time should be gradually increased.

If you’re unsure of where to begin, seek online meditation sessions, ask friends for ideas, or learn more about meditation techniques that fascinate you. Transcendental meditation is a practice that enables you to direct your attention inward while maintaining awareness of external ideas and feelings without allowing them to distract you. Typically, you perform it twice a day for 20 minutes while sitting still and closing your eyes. An object of concentration, such as the sound of a bell, reciting, touching beads, or staring at a picture, may be used during mindfulness meditation. Prayer could also be used as an example of this.

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