Wanting To Love Again After Heartbreak
August 6, 2018
Jade Kerr

After being burned, destroyed, completely taken apart from a past relationship, wanting to find love once again is a major challenge, but also shows how resilient we truly are.

It’s that point when we accept the fact that we may once again be faced with all of the pain and suffering for the price of the feeling of love, excitement and euphoria, to be able to experience that again.

We realize that it’s worth taking the risk, because if this is it and we score the jackpot, then we’ve entered heaven on earth.  Some people may think it’s crazy to be willing to go through all of the fight all over again. But that’s the whole thrill of love, getting lost in something so pure, both losing and finding ourselves along the way and sharing this wild ride with a partner.

Before we lead right back into it, we must first heal our wounds from the past and realize that we are sensitive and fragile.  All of this of course requires both trial and error, which can bring some traumatic experiences, but that’s the whole beauty of the learning process.

If we continue to only attract negative energy, then perhaps we are not yet ready to dive back in the pool of love. Maybe we need some more time for ourselves to reflect and learn more about ourselves.

It is so easy to want to avoid entering any kind of relationship because of the associated fear. But always keep in mind that things do and will get better, and the one that hurt you will one day be long forgotten, it’s all a matter of time.

Don’t be afraid of the word love and everything that comes with it.

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