Watching Other People’s ‘Ideal’ Lives Paralyzes You
September 12, 2018
Claire Miles

We spend more of our precious time watching how other people lives theirs.  We watch how other people live their dream lives, and try to come up with ways that we can better than they are. But this dreamy perfection we think exists paralyzes us. We fear that we will never be able to have what they have….

We are constantly comparing our situation with other’s, and if we’re not quite there and don’t measure up, we believe that we need to rush to get there ASAP, or else you’re a total failure.

We go back and forth from believing that we are better than others, and believing that we are completely undeserving of anything good and worthless.  We are always in a place of self-hatred, judgement and unhappiness. This keeps us in a state of fear of making changes in our lives.

Any negative feedback from anyone, no matter how trivial it may be, has the power to completely take over us, to have us crippled for much, too much time. We believe that their perceptions are the cold hard truth that we didn’t quite see ourselves before, and we allow it to dictate how we feel about yourself and how we live our life.  We do everything just to get their approval, just to avoid that feeling of them thinking badly about us.

We feel weighed down by the opinions of others, defeated by setbacks, and basically – paralyzed by what you believe you should be.

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