We Aren’t All The Same
September 22, 2019
Claire Miles

If there is something I don’t like is when people categorize me or include me in a stigma. This is important and I cannot stress this enough – women aren’t all the same. Let’s drop the physics for a second. I’m not talking only about shapes, colors, sizes, etc., I am talking about our personalities.

Yesterday, I read an article written by a woman that is about to marry soon. She wrote a lot about her feelings and hopes for the marriage and ceremony, and she wrote beautifully. However, there was one thing she wrote that rubbed me the wrong way. She wrote: “Getting married is what we are all waiting for our entire lives (us girls, at least.)”

Don’t get me wrong I am not saying that wishing to get married since you are young is wrong, not at all. What I object to is this generalization. We are not all the same. We each have our wishes and personalities, and that is completely normal. By generalizing all women, we make the ones that don’t belong in it to seem crazy and out of the ordinary.

I can testify that I didn’t dream of getting married since I was little. It wasn’t my main hope and desire. My entire life men and women alike looked at me strangely because of it. Girls used to push me aside and exclude me, while men used to dismiss me because I wasn’t “girly enough.”

Of course, this is just one example. Another one could be kids. Not all women want to have a baby, and that is completely normal. It seems as people think this is all that we are for – giving birth. However, there are a lot of women who don’t wish to do so, and that should be respected.

I understand that stigmas exist for a reason. That there is a large portion of women who do wish to have kids or get married since childhood. I also understand that we can’t change the world or the way others think. However, as much as it may be difficult, we should try our hardest to never categorize a group of people, because we are all different, and that should be respected.

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