Wearing Fake Engagement Rings
December 3, 2018
Alexandra Wade

The jewelry that we wear generally has a deep meaning behind it.  Sometimes we like to get dressed up, and wear our most precious pearls that’s been passed onto us from our great grandmother.

Other times, we like to wear more costume like jewelry for a night out with our girls. For some however, one specific piece of jewelry can be something that means a whole world of things. Although it might sound crazy at first, many women actually wear a fake engagement ring.

Some do this to keep creepy guys away. They don’t wear it all the time, but when they are at a bar, a club, or on holiday and just looking to relax and be left alone, it tends to come in handy.

Although the number of guys that hit on them of course decreases, there are still guys that will give it a shot, regardless of the ring.  Either they didn’t notice, or we just live in a very unfortunate world.

For other women, they feel as though having a fake engagement ring helps them focus when they are out and about. That way they can focus on their friends, instead of waiting around for guys to approach them and try to get their number.  It makes getting hit on not even an option for that evening.

There are even some women who wear a fake engagement ring in order to avoid questioning about why they aren’t yet married.  It prevents people from getting involved in your personal life, and leaves them with the assumption that you’re on your way to marriage. Some women feel highly pressured by those around them, and don’t want to have to deal with all these questions and judgments.

Some women feel as though it makes them look more professional, and that it gives them more respect from their co-workers.

If all of your friends are already married, and you feel ready and as though you and your partner should already have been engaged, then perhaps wearing a fake ring could serve as a subtle hint that you are so ready for him to get you the real thing.  If he asks, you can tell him you are just warming up your finger for the real thing.

For everyone, a fake engagement ring means something else.

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