What Can You Do To Kill Time?
August 4, 2022
Alexandra Wade

Have you ever found yourself at home with nothing to do? Perhaps the summer vacations are feeling a bit too long now. With two to three months at home with no work from college and finding all your friends too far away, you might be thinking of things you can do to keep yourself busy and just avoid the boredom that you have begun to feel. You can’t wait for college to re-open and really want to get back to a regular routine instead of just scrolling all day long. The good news is you might not have a routine, but you can distract yourself and avoid boredom in one way or another.

If you are looking for productive ways to pass your time, then you can sign up for an online course at home. Not only would you be learning a new skill, but you will also have something to focus your attention on just like you did in college. Taking a course that you are going to have to take in college as well can help you be prepared and do well in your class. If you are not interested in signing up for a course, then maybe you could start freelancing and find short projects to do online for some extra cash.

Getty Images/Moment/MirageC

You will get something to put on your resume as well as have something to do all from the comfort of your home. You could even look for something that helps sharpen your mind like learning to solve the Rubix cube or doing the crossword. Riddles and brain teasers can also be a good alternative. On the other hand, if productivity is not something you want to take into consideration, then the world is your oyster and you can do pretty much anything from playing video games all day, taking a nap for as long as you like, or just having some friends over for some board games.

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