What I Hope For You In The New Year
December 29, 2018
Alexandra Wade
I hope that you can look back at all the smiles and laughs you shared with your loved ones, and that you can look forward to all the new memories and adventures ahead of you.
I hope that all the heartbreak, losses and pain leaves you, but that the lessons stick with you. I hope that you never forget to feel compassionate towards yourself and let any guilt slide.   I hope that you can be thankful towards yourself no matter what for knowing that you’ve done your best.

I hope that you finally understand this year that mistakes do not exist. I hope that you know that it’s all about life lessons that help us grow into the best version of ourselves. I hope that you love yourself in the very same way that you do to those around it, and I hope that you know how much you truly deserve it.
I hope that you know that despite things being hard sometimes, it will always pass, and you will only leave even stronger than you started. I hope that you nourish and nuture every part of you, including your soul, body and mind in any way that feels right to you.

I hope that you continue to challenge yourself and find the courage to put yourself out there. I hope that you seek only the most meaningful of connections. I hope that you never forget the importance on your voice, and that you take pride in who you are.

And most importantly, I hope that you have another incredible year, because of everything you were capable of doing.

Happy New Year.

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