What I Learned From Dealing With Death
February 4, 2018
Claire Miles

It’s never easy, it’s our worst nightmare, it’s inevitable and there’s no cure.  It sucks and hurts like hell. We’re helpless and hopeless. The only thing to do in the case of death is to take the lessons it taught us and try our very best to make the most of them.

What most people will tell you, is that dealing with death taught them to appreciate the small things. Every day, every moment, every gesture. To never take anything or anyone for granted. To appreciate waking up every morning and being healthy, happy, and alive. To seriously cherish every moment with our loved ones, rather than wasting our precious energy and time on nonsense.  And to always tell them how much we really love and care for them.

We learn that living in fear won’t help and that we have to really live every day like it’s our last because, in the blink of an eye, everything can change.  We learn that although sometimes life can be so unfair and not make sense, that somehow, somewhere, there is something watching out for us, and deep down we know that the one we lost is in a better place. We learn that we have no choice but to believe in the power of the universe, rather than spending our entire lives being bitter and angry, because, at the end of the day, it doesn’t help.

We also learn, that no matter how much we’re hurting, live can, and does go on. We start to understand that it’s what they would want for us and that they are in fact watching us and seeing us smile makes them smile. We never forget them, but we learn to carry on with their love and memory within us in everything that we do.

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