What Is A Normal Cycle?
December 5, 2021
Laura Lee

Every girl goes through that panic when they think their period is late. Regardless of whether it’s even a biological possibility or not, pregnancy always crosses the mind. From as soon as we’re taught about our wonderful bodies, the concept of a 28-day cycle is drilled in, anything different, and the panic sets in. In reality, our cycles are all as different as we are, and most of the time it’s normal.

For starters, everyone’s body is different; some people are wider and some people are taller. Believe it or not, these sometimes play a factor as well, since these traits, just like our cycles, can be affected by genes. Different bodies are capable of doing and managing different things. We eat different foods and perform different physical activities. All of this adds up to why some people may have shorter or longer, heavier or lighter periods. The human body is an amazing place, and periods are its way of saying that it’s ready for pregnancy. Your body knows what’s best for it and often has a mind of its own. And because of this, it’s perfectly normal for your cycle to not fit the textbook box. Life can certainly be stressful at times, and out of self-preservation, your body knows it’s not the best condition to become pregnant, so it might hold out on your cycle a bit. Variations are extremely common and happen in most peoples’ cycles.

Getty Images/ONOKY/Letizia Le Fur

Keeping an eye on what’s ‘normal’ for you, is far more important than what’s going on with everyone else. So next time you’re curled up with a hot water bottle and eating chocolate, remember that your cycle is as unique as you are, and no two are the same. By accepting that it’s okay, might help ease some stress and anxiety related to this topic. It will feed into a positive feedback loop, as the less stressed you are, the more likely your body will try to sync back to YOUR normal. And of course, if you’re concerned for any reason, follow advice from a medical professional.

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