What Is Love?
November 4, 2022
Claire Miles

Love is a word that you hear right from the day you are born and your mother tells you how she loves you and how she will continue to do so for the rest of your life. As you grow up in your family, you hear the word love as a form of affection in your family where your parents and siblings often say it to each other, and you just shrug it off as something that people say. Then, one day when you are mature enough you realize that people are falling in love with each other all around you.

You know that love must be different from the infatuations that you might have felt for some handsome cute boy or the gorgeous beautiful girl in your class, but you can’t really put it into words. Eventually, after falling in and out of relationships, you find this one person who you consider to be your significant other. You really enjoy their company, adore the time you spend together, and miss them when they are gone. You know it is different from how you feel about your other friends but in some ways, it is also similar.


You could say that you love all your friends, but you never know if you actually love this one person that has come into your life. To make things easier for you, it is time we let you in on a little secret: The definition of love. Love is a sincere desire to protect someone precious to you and the fear of living a life without their presence in it. Keeping that in mind, you know the people that you love and you know the meaning of it when you say that you love them. You can never have too many people to love so keep spreading some love in this world.

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