What Is The Honeymoon Phase?
August 12, 2022
Jade Kerr

Relationships, no wait love is the one thing that everyone all over the world has in common. Regardless of the language or culture, everyone in the world experiences some form of love in their lifetime. So much so that books have been written about it, movies have been created, songs have been sung and so much more. Love can be seen as a universal language but that doesn’t mean that it is easy to understand. This is why you are here. One part of love is the honeymoon phase and there is a whole lot to unpack about it. Let’s take a look.

Here is an example that might help give you some clarity on what the honeymoon phase is. Do you know those feelings you get at the beginning of a relationship? It can often be described as butterflies in your stomach. These feelings make you think of your person every second of every day. You think about them, talk about them, talk to them. Everything in your world revolves around this one person and you never get tired of it. This is called the honeymoon phase. It is essentially the first few months of a relationship where you get to know each other.

Getty Images/OJO Images/Sam Edwards

So how long does the honeymoon phase last? Well to be honest there really isn’t an exact timeline on it. This is because each relationship is different. In some cases, the honeymoon phase can last three months and in other cases, it can last a whole year. You really don’t have to rush it or feel like it’s a bad thing. The honeymoon period is a magical time in a relationship. This is when you get to know all the small things about your person. It helps set the foundation of your relationship so enjoy each and every moment of it.

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