What It Means To Be Happy
December 20, 2018
Laura Lee

It’s not always easy being happy. Sometimes, it can actually feel like an overwhelming job.  We’re all on the same journey to find satisfaction in our own ways, and there are some basic essentials that we all need to get there.

For starters, we need to accept the fact that we won’t always be okay. Those that are happy aren’t happy at all times. They are actually the people who are capable of processing their emotions, and knowing that nothing is permanent.  That in the end, everything will always work itself out.

The people that are truly happy know what humility means. They are in tune with themselves, and they are capable of admitting to their faults, to ask help when they need it. Humility is the basis of self-improvement.

Those that are happy know that it’s not about quantity, but quality when it comes to friends.  They surround themselves with a small group of people that truly add to their lives, that bring them up, support them, and that they can fully be themselves with.

Those that are happy know exactly how much happiness money can buy. It can buy books to read, yoga classes to go, chai lattes to drink, it puts a roof over our heads, but once the essentials are covered, they know that it’s not what truly makes them really happy in life.

Most of all though, those that are truly happy have a greater sense of purpose. Whatever and however that may be. Having a sense of purpose gives meaning to every day life, and in turn, happiness.

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