What It Means To Move On
November 13, 2018
Alexandra Wade

For many of us, moving on means a whole lot of things, and that we need to be super active about it. We get ourselves a complete makeover, a new hairdo, drink wine in the bathtub, and do all those ”self care” things.

We tell ourselves all kinds of things like we can do better. But when it comes to moving on, it’s not really about mourning, but rather about building ourselves up again.  We often judge our exes for quickly turning things around, but that can be the best thing to do.

It’s important to try to make your old routines feel normal. Moving on is not a way of telling the world that you’re fine, or about making a point, or proving that your ex is the one that missed out.

Moving on is accepting the situation for what it is. That you might break down when you see your ex, but that you’re still going to continue moving on as much as possible.  Moving on is understanding that the two of you were not the best match, and that it doesn’t mean that one person was better than the other, or deserving or undeserving.

Take all of the energy that you were once spending on another person, and use it towards becoming the person you want to be. Moving on means moving forward.

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