What Makes A BFF
February 19, 2022
Laura Lee

A good best friend can end up being the most important person in your life. You go to them for everything and with everything. This includes boys, drama, boy drama, and even family matters. Seeing that you trust this person with your entire life, they should hold good qualities. There are a number of good qualities you should look out for in a BFF and we have them right here.

No two friendships are the same. You could know someone for one month and instantly have a connection with them. You could also know someone for 10 years and not consider them to be your best friend. It all boils down to the connection you have with them. Another thing BFFs bond on is their personalities. Much like dating, friends with different personalities do get along. Now that is not to say that friends with similar personalities don’t get along because they do.

Getty Images/EyeEm/Elena Gonzalez Hontoria

You may think that your best friend has to be willing to rob a bank with you. But actually, they don’t. A good best friend will tell you that robbing the bank is not the way to get money. Instead, she or he will help you work on your career or even help your job hunt. You see much like a marriage, a friendship this strong should bring out your best qualities when you are down. Your BFF should always be honest with you.

In fact, not only should they be honest but they should always be loyal. Honestly and loyalty goes a long way in a friendship. After all, if you can’t trust your best friend, who can you trust. As far as loyalty goes, your best friend should want to stand by you in your darkest of the moment and ride it out this the sum appears. Now keep in mind this doesn’t mean they have to commit a crime with you or for you.

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