What Men Will Never Understand
May 24, 2018
Jade Kerr

Men and women are different species. We love each other, we are attracted to each other, we want to be together, we are each other’s best friends and greatest life partners. We are meant to be together. But what needs to be understood, is that men will never fully understand women.

And as we long as we understand that and accept it, it’s completely alright. It’s important to have realistic expectations in a relationship, while still communicating our feelings and standing our ground.

While some men are indeed sensitive, women have a special sensitivity about certain topics that men often do not fully understand. As confident as we may be, it’s not easy being a woman. We are constantly worried about our weight and comparing ourselves to others.

We need your reassurance that we are beautiful always, even when we’re bloated or on our period.  If we ask you every day if we look fat, don’t get annoyed just answer no. And please, just please, never comment about our weight. We don’t want to hear it.

We, unlike you, have pressures of taking care of our hair, wearing makeup, and cute outfits. It’s expensive, it’s time-consuming and it’s tiring. We, just like you are also lazy and don’t really have the energy to care, but we do anyway.

We also want to just go out in sweats. So just appreciate the effort we put into our appearance because as much as it may seem fun (and it is, sometimes), we do struggle. Compliment us, it goes a super long way, even if we don’t show it.

We love to go on dates. You may think that staying at home and being together is the same, and yes sometimes it’s great, but we love a night out and being spoiled, even if it’s nothing fancy, just a cup of tea together. It makes us feel special and loved. If we say it’s fine, we can stay in, we don’t always mean it. We just don’t like to ask for it. We want it to come from you.

You’ll need to get to know a woman’s tone and facial expression, and show her that you really want to the best for her, and to always be as communicative as possible.

She’ll say yes when she wants to say no, and no when she wants to say yes (sometimes). Always make sure with her that she’s whole with her choice and comfortable with it. Don’t let it get to you, just accept it and love how adorable it is.

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