What NOT To Say To Your Single Friend
May 20, 2018
Jade Kerr

Being single (even if it’s a choice) can be hard. Not only because of the assumed loneliness ( although many of us are seriously strong independent woman, like myself) but it’s super, super annoying all the comments and questions from everyone.  They most likely do not have bad intentions, but it’s really frustrating to always have to hear all these things and have to find the right way to respond and always feel like I have to prove myself (I mean ourselves, of course).  Why can’t I just be happy and fulfilled being single and having great friends and passions? Being single is NOT something to overcome.

Here are the absolute worst things you can say to your single friend.

Don’t Worry, you’ll find someone.

Thanks for your concern. But who said I was worried?

How are you still single?

Great question, want to sit and talk about for the next few hours since you are so interested?

I think you just need to care more, or, I think you just need to care less

Again, thank you SO much. I will care just as little or much as I’d like. Also since when do we have control over our emotions?

So sorry, it must so annoying to hear about my boyfriend all the time since you’re single.

Yep, just like it’s hard for me to hard about your trip to Hawaii when I’m white AF.

You should really start looking if you want kids.

Excuse me? Is this a thing? I’m 24. I’m not a baby making machine with a ticking a clock. I’m a person.

Have you met someone, or still not?

No, I STILL haven’t, thank you for making sure to include that.

I can’t even remember what it’s like to be single, tell me what it’s like.

Don’t worry, i’ll let you my guidebooks if you ever come back to this parallel universe I live in.  

Maybe you’re just mean to be alone forever.

That’s so supportive and that’s exactly what I want to hear. NOT.

You’re so strong.

Yes, I’m fighting the battle of being single and I’m going to get through it.

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