What Outdoor Activities Are Safe To Do Now?
March 29, 2020
Laura Lee

With government and health experts urging people to stay home to slow the spread of the coronavirus, many crave to step outside. While it is highly recommended you’d exercise at home, sometimes that option doesn’t exist. So, what outdoor activities are safe to do right now? And how can you do them while taking the proper precautions?

First off, be sure to follow the latest mandates in your area as they evolve. Stick to doing outdoor activities alone or with members of your household. Wear sunglasses to shield your eyes from respiratory droplets, but you do not need to wear a mask. It is also important to note that even these relatively safer options aren’t recommended for those in a high-risk group.

Now, to the activities. First – walking. After being at home for such a long time, a walk outside can do wonders for your physical and mental health. Try to avoid over-crowded areas and to go during off-hours to minimize contact with others. When outside, avoid using public restrooms or other shared facilities if you can.

Second, running. If you follow the guidelines listed above, going for a run is another rather safe option for now. While running, please, no spitting or blowing snot out of your nostrils, as the virus can be in it.

Another option is biking. As long as you avoid highly crowded routes, taking a bike ride is a great way to blow off some steam. Similarly, you can rollerblade, skateboard, or ride a scooter. But, don’t go extreme and save the fancy tricks for better days.

Please avoid group sports, like basketball or football — even if you’re planning to play with people you know. Make sure to wash your hands as soon as you come back home from your activity, and of course, during the day. Please be careful and respectful. We have to support each other during these trying times.

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