What She Really Wants
June 3, 2019
Jade Kerr

What she really wants is to be touched romantically. She doesn’t watch to pretend to watch a movie with you and then be touched in a way that shows her that you just have one simple intention in mind.

She wants you to lightly and gently take your fingers through her hair. She wants you to play with her hair, and tickle her back. She wants you to hold her hand and squeeze it tight.

She wants you to touch her as something so natural, and not because you have another intention with it. She wants to feel that in your touch, that it comes from love, and that it’s almost like a reflex for you that you do without even thinking twice.

She wants you to sweep her off her feet, but not in the Hollywood kind of way. She doesn’t want to be taken on a private jet to a tropical Island with heart-shaped candles there waiting for her. She wants something simple and romantic, and that represents your relationship and what the two of you are about.

She wants you to show her that you were thinking of her and that you went out of our way to make her feel special, like making her a cup a coffee when she’s rushing in the morning and remembering to make it just the way she likes it, with some extra frothed milk and three sugars. Wake her up with her favorite song when you know she has a big day ahead of her. That’s what she really wants.

She wants you to tell her how much you love her when she least expects it, and to get a little kiss on her head or her cheek for no reason. She will never tell you this, but this is everything that she wants, and it’s a whole lot more simple than you may have thought.

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