What To Do When You Face Uncertainty
November 13, 2022
Jade Kerr

We all have to face uncertainty at some point in our life. We don’t always know what is going on around us, what effect it can have on us or the people around us, or if there is something we can do to change that effect. That means that we are basically living a life of uncertainty and we never know what might happen at the very next moment. Some people are bothered by uncertainty more than others. It could be something as small as not getting a reply from a friend on time, waiting to hear back from your date if he or she wants to go out again, waiting to get a response after a job interview, or really just anything.

These things might seem like they are insignificant to you but to many others, uncertainties like these can be the cause of great anxiety. It kills them not knowing what happens. If you relate to these feelings of anxiety then there may be a few tips for you to consider. First, you should always think of possible scenarios that wouldn’t trouble you as much. Say, if your friend isn’t responding to you, then instead of thinking he is mad at you, you could think about the reasons why he might be busy.

Then you could also start thinking of ways to handle a negative result in the best possible outcome so that it does not affect you too badly. If you are anxious about the call back after your interview, you could be a little proactive and apply in multiple locations, so you know you have a better chance of getting an offer from at least one of those places. Manifesting good things while also being prepared for bad news can be one of the two best ways of dealing with anxiety from uncertainty.

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