What To Find Out Before You Go On Date
August 25, 2018
Alexandra Wade

Nothing is quite like that feeling of going on a first date, and experiencing excitement rushing through your body. That feeling that this could maybe actually turn into something real.

Before going on the first date though, you should make sure that you know some basic details about the person before you meet up, for both your safety, as well as to make the date the best it can possibly be.

Although meeting someone new is of course always fun, unfortunately there are some dangerous people out there. While it wouldn’t be your fault of course if someone were to take advantage of your innocent intentions, there is no harm in being as knowledgeable as possible with the people we spend our time with.  Further, knowing some basic details about your date can help keep the conversation flowing.

Ask for their last name, or do some Facebook stalking. You never know what could happen, good or bad, especially if you’ve never met them before. Knowing their full name holds them accountable for any of their actions.

It can also be useful to know what they look like for safety reasons, that way you will be able to approach them on the date, and avoid aimlessly searching for someone that you think might be them.

It can also be helpful to find out where they work as a part of accountability, as well as a basis for conversation.  Perhaps if you know where they work, you can check on their company website if they actually work there, or maybe you know some other people that work there too.

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