What’s Wrong With The American Dream
July 26, 2018
Claire Miles

Today, more than ever, the pressure on succeeding in life are bigger than they’ve ever before.  There’s a lot of pressure to get a degree, find a promising, well paying career, get married a young age, buy a house and have children. It’s pretty much the driving force behind every single young person today.

People are constantly pushing themselves, pulling out their hair and grinding their teeth to check everything off of this must do list that our society has created.  It’s been passed down to us throughout the generations, and it doesn’t get any easier.

But why do we so easily fall into this trap? Why do we decide that we must do all of these things at a young age? Could we change this ‘American dream’ for our generations to come? Could we maybe, just maybe take away all of this pressure and let our grandchildren (if not ourselves) take our time and figure out things at our own pace.

College is barely an option for normal class people, rent is higher than it’s ever been, jobs are paying less and expecting more. What can we do?

Rewrite the rule book of life.  Get rid of this perfect life check list.

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