When He Doesn’t Want A Relationship
December 4, 2019
Alexandra Wade

When I was younger, I had a good friend. We met at college and immediately hit it off. As our friendship evolved, so did our feelings to each other. Though we both knew about these feelings, we never acted on them. We eventually lost touch. Now, however, we found our ways intersecting again.

We picked up right where we left off as if no years have passed. Texting, calling, talking – just like before. However, something was different this time around. One night, I was staying over at his home, and we were talking. Before I knew it, I found myself kissing him.

Ever since then, I hardly hear from him. He hardly calls, and when he does, it’s at the worst times. He doesn’t text as often, and when he does, it’s very abbreviated. More important than my feelings for him, I feel like I’ve lost a friend. When I asked him if everything was okay between us, he tried to assure me, but the feeling didn’t go away.

I can try to go back to being friends, but deep in my heart, I know that is not what I want. I want more than that; I want a relationship. Unfourtenetly, my friend can’t give it to me.

All my friends tell me to move on and try to put these feelings behind, but it is easier said than done. I like him a lot, but I am afraid he doesn’t want a relationship. At this time of my life, after doing much reflection, I realized that I am not looking for something casual anymore. Hopefully, soon, I will be able to get over my feelings and get my friend back.

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