When It’s Genuine, You’ll Know
August 4, 2020
Claire Miles

People’s intentions can be very ambiguous and misunderstood. Sometimes, you think you know where people are coming from, but the next moment they go completely against your expectations and blindside you. Throughout my life, I had a hard time trusting people. Since I can remember myself, I second-guessed people’s true intentions and natures, walking on eggshells around them. After all, and as I said, you can’t tell where people are coming from and what they are looking to gain from you. This outlook and behavior have affected a lot of the connections I had in life. Being afraid and worried about people’s intentions made me cautious when it came to making connections. I was scared of revealing too much, of being vulnerable, and being used because of it. So, I remained guarded, didn’t let anyone in. And as a result, I never really got to experience a ride-or-die friendship back in school, and even until late in my adult life, as I was scared to open up and let my guards down. But then you came and turned everything around.

via Pexels

Until I met you, I had no hope that I could ever develop the kind of relationship I have with you. I can’t put my finger exactly on what it was about you, but whatever it was that you did, or said, I believed. You came into my life like an open book, didn’t shy away from anything, didn’t hide anything. You gave me my time to open up to you, waited patiently, and stuck with me. And it didn’t take long for me to let my guards down around you. Almost instantly, I knew that you were genuine, that your intentions were true. I knew that I could trust you. Again, I don’t know what it was about you – if it was the energy you projected or your character, but you made me trust you one-hundred percent, and you haven’t let me down al these years. When you are seeking someone genuine, who stands true to their word and intentions, just wait. When you will find this person, every part of your body will know it.

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