When Nothing Is Happening In Life
July 4, 2018
Alexandra Wade

You wake up to your alarm at 7:10 every morning. You take a shower, get dressed in pretty much the same thing every day, maybe just in a different color, you scramble to get to work on time, the bus gets stuck in traffic and you get stressed although you know it happens every morning.

You sit down at your desk, avoid everyone around you, plug in your headphones, check your emails and don’t respond to anyone of them. You take way too many coffee breaks and stare at the clock all day.

You come home, take another shower, watch way too much television, go to bed, and then you repeat the exact same routine the next day, and the next day, and the next.

It’s your routine. So why change your routine right?  You feel bored and lonely. You sit in bed alone and decide to order a pizza. You hate yourself more and more after every bite. You feel like you don’t even deserve this pizza.

You do all of this again, and again, and again. Sometimes you try to mix things up, you get yourself a chocolate chip cookie, sometimes a muffin. Every night, before bed, you ask yourself when something big will happen? When will you be faced with something new and exciting? When will things change? Every night, the same exact questions and thoughts run through your mind.

On the weekend, things are a little different from your normal routine. You go out with friends and it’s nice and all, but you still feel pretty lonely and disconnected even when surrounded by other people.  You tell them about your week, they tell you about theirs. You have nothing interesting to tell them about.

You take another bite of pizza and ask yourself when will life change? Well, what you should be asking is – when will you change your own life?

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