When She Doesn’t Love Herself
December 5, 2018
Laura Lee

We’ve all got those days, those moments, where every part of our body hurts and we don’t think that it’s physically possible to get ourselves out of bed. Been there?

But don’t go trying to convince us, and that we need to be strong, mature, and face the world. Sometimes, we just don’t want to be a big girl today.  Don’t frustrate us more.

What we want for you is to get back in bed with us, cuddle up with us, hold our hand, and just be there for us.  If we tell you that we don’t need you, and to leave. Don’t leave. It’s those exact moments where we need you the very most.  When we start to feel like we need you, that’s when we push you away. Because it scares us.

We need to feel your touch, and to help give us the courage to get out there and face the world.  During those moments where were smiling, you’ll probably assume that we are just fine. But that light can switch on and off all the time. It’s not your fault. There’s nothing different, nothing that you could have possibly done better.

There will be moments when we just start balling our eyes out. Don’t try to understand, because you won’t. Just give us a big kiss on the forehead. We are hard to love, but we promise we are worth it.

Don’t give up on us. Through your love, hopefully we will learn to one day love ourselves in the same way. We will be whole.

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