When To Start Dating
December 18, 2022
Laura Lee

In our day-to-day lives, we see examples of various sorts of romantic relationships. From seeing our parents’ relationship to our friends and family building new ones, we’re surrounded by love from all directions. However, if you’re single, you may not admire these relationships a lot, considering you may not know what to look out for in a good relationship. That is the point you should start to rethink and re-evaluate your relationship status. After all, the things you learn from a relationship are crucial to your growth as a person and will benefit you greatly in your future life.

It’s important to reflect on why you’re single, and whether those reasons still matter to you. Are you someone who is choosing to stay single for certain reasons? Are you not dating to focus on your career, to prioritize it? Perhaps after your decision to not date, your career is in a better place, and you can begin to experiment with dating again Another common reason for not dating is having a very negative experience in your previous relationship. In this case, rather than trying to avoid relationships as a whole, it could be helpful to focus on processing the baggage from the previous one.

This can be done both while dating, and also while choosing to not date until you’re done processing. Also, sometimes, usually, because they have not had a serious relationship, people don’t actually know how a relationship can be extremely beneficial to them. When both parties want to grow their love into something valuable and understand that staying together is their end goal, it means there’s more time to create meaning. Trying to be intimate and vulnerable in different ways isn’t possible without a safe space, and a safe space is usually only created in serious relationships.

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