When You Can’t Sleep, These Are The Pressure Points You Need
June 6, 2018
Laura Lee

Anyone who’s ever dealt with insomnia will know the struggle of staring at the ceiling all night long.  You’ve probably tried everything possible, white noise machines, various breathing techniques, yet nothing seems to work. You remain wide awake all night long, and you’re exhausted.  Well, it might be time that you try some pressure points when you can’t sleep. Acupuncturists highly recommend it.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that by simply applying pressure to the right place son your body can seriously rewire your energy, and can you down, and yes, can help you sleep your best night’s sleep.

According to professional acupuncturists, it’s part of Chinese medicine, which takes the entire being on a person into consideration, their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Everything is tied together as one. When it comes to dealing with insomnia, the root cause needs to be found, which is often anxiety.

The body also has specific pressure points that touch on sleep.  The first is the Spleen pressure point, which is located in the inner ankle, approximately three fingers higher than your ankle bone. This point can help get your body flowing properly.

The Spirit Gate, is known to calm your spirit and ground your energy. It’s located in the inner wrist crease, where your pinky finger is.

The Bladder, which is a pressure point that isn’t where you think (it’s on your foot) could treat your insomnia, creating a sense of calm and peace. It’s right outside the ankle bone, near the Achilles tendon.  

The Ying Tang point can be very easily targeted, located between the eyebrows, which could be referred to as the third eye chakra. Put pressure on it and once you feel a downward slope, you’ve found the spot.  It calms the mind and helps with insomnia.

The Conception Vessel is right in the middle of the breastbone, in the center of the chest. Applying some gentle pressure here can seriously calm down a restless mind before sleep.

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