When You Feel Awkward At The Gym
June 7, 2018
Laura Lee

Who can honestly say that they haven’t felt completely out of place at the gym? None of us, right? With so many different and scary machines, so many unknown people that look so totally sweaty and intense, so many personal trainers who you’re sure are judging your form. Right?! Well, we’ve all been there, seriously.

It’s totally normal to feel uncomfortable and awkward at the gym. It’s sort of a personal thing to work out, but kudos to you that you’re still going (and if not, I’m here to help you). Rest assured, there are plenty of ways to feel more comfortable at the gym.  

For starters, remember why you’re even going to the gym in the first place. Really try to focus on what brought you there to start out with. Think about it, there are probably tons of other people at the gym on the machines right next to you that came for the exact same reasons.  Get that into the little voice in your head and start to realize that no one came there to judge you. Everyone is actually focused on themselves.

Taking a tour of the gym can also be helpful, in order to feel more familiar with the place, the machines and the overall flow of the flow.  It’s also useful to keep in mind that you can watch a class before you try it. That way if it’s really not for you, you don’t have to run away in the middle or hurt yourself doing something that’s too hard for you. Most teachers are totally fine with having you observe the class without participating.

And just like most things in life, going with a friend always makes it so much better, especially so when it comes to the gym.  It can take your mind off of worrying about how you look and therefore focus more on your actual workout. You’ll also probably laugh a lot, which is a great ab workout.

Starting with something that you already know can also be helpful in settling in at the gym and feeling more comfortable. But most importantly, just trust yourself and never forget that we all feel out of place at the gym. Even the people that look super pro also had their first day at the gym and we’re sure they felt exactly the same way.  

So I won’t tell you not to sweat it, but make sure you’re using it properly.

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