When You Need A Good Cry
December 24, 2019
Laura Lee

If you need to cry, then cry. Tears heal the soul, they don’t just say it for no reason. There’s no need to hold it back and numb yourself to be strong. You’re not protecting yourself by holding it all back. 

Really protecting yourself means allowing yourself to let go. It means giving yourself permission to open up your soul and allow it to heal properly. Part of being strong is knowing when to be weak. 

Even if you don’t know why you feel like cry, that’s alright. Let go, and let it all out. It’s ok to feel everything that you’re feeling, that loneliness, that empty space inside. That aching pain inside. 

Comfort yourself, allow yourself to breathe heavy and squeeze your hands together tightly. Cry, it’s alright, it’s natural. Let go of that fear.  Your tears will be kept safe, and will take you to a better place as they drip down your face. 

The ability to cry is a gift that only human beings have. No other animal can shed tears. Use that gift to your advantage. 

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