When You Need To Be Alone
July 10, 2019
Laura Lee

When you are not complete with yourself, then it’s a sign that you need to be alone. If spending a night alone makes you shiver inside and out, then you need to learn how to provide yourself with your own sense of comfort, and learn to hold your own hand tightly enough to make it feel like home.

When you are unhappy with yourself, you need to be alone. If you’re hoping that a magical person will come and help you solve all your problems, then you need to be alone. If you feel like you’ve fallen apart, then you are the only one that is capable of putting those pieces back together, and be your own hero.

If you cannot fully be in a relationship wholeheartedly because you are always thinking of what life will be like when it ends, then you need to be alone. Love requires your entire heart, and yours is not whole then it won’t be.

When you are facing changes in life and you feel like everything is falling over, you need to be alone and take on these new challenges yourself.  When are you ready to become a new version of yourself, you need to be alone and allow yourself to that and be whoever this new person you want to be may be. Take the time yourself to figure out what that is. 

When you’re not ready, you need to be alone. It doesn’t matter if you met someone who is willing to be patient and wait for you to be ready for them. You’re not ready, and you need to be alone. 

Most of all, you need to be alone when you know deep down that you need to be. When something inside of you gives that the feeling that being alone right now is right, that perhaps now is not the time and place to be with this person.

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