When Your Heartbreak Will End
December 12, 2018
Ariella Jacobs

Heartbreak can take over your life.  What once seemed so perfect and so beautiful is now gone, and has left you feeling completely dark and empty.

Heartbreak is incredibly powerful, and is much more than emotion. In fact, it’s more of a phase that you go through.  You feel it through your entire body, not just in your heart, and there’s no end point in sight, right?  And it only seems to grow and grow each and every single day, and get harder and harder as time goes by.

It’s the first thing you feel and think about upon opening your eyes in the morning, it’s the only thing on your mind when you go to bed at night. All those hours in between are also spent just suffering and only thinking about it.  Heartbreak is seriously crippling.

It affects your ability to enjoy life, to laugh, and covers the light even in the brightest of moments spent with your friends and family.  You are in a period of mourning what you lost, the fact that you lost the person who you thought was your person.  You no longer have someone to come home to every night, to talk to about everything, and to cuddle up to.

The person you always had by your side is all of a sudden, gone. You try to move on, you hit up the gym, you go for drinks with your friends, you attend every party, you even go on some dates. But nothing helps. Nothing works. You’re still heartbreak.

That’s life, and there’s nothing we can do. But you will heal when you don’t even notice it.  You will slowly be able to put yourself back together. You will eventually learn to enjoy everything that you once did. There will still be days where you cry, but there will also be days where you forget they ever even existed.

You’re going to be just fine.

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