When You’re In A Bad Mood
April 12, 2021
Alexandra Wade

When you’re in a bad mood…there are plenty of ways to cheer yourself up! How about watching a few episodes of stand up comedy or a good old classic sitcom? Let yourself laugh it out! There’s nothing better than turning those tears into laughter. What about calling up a friend to vent and let everything out? They will surely be happy to listen and be there for you, just as you likely were there for them too at some point or another in their lives. 

Maybe consider cooking or baking something delicious that you can be proud of, and also, of course, enjoy too, feeding both your soul and your stomach. Blast some feel-good music while you’re at it, dance like no one is watching, and even, as hard as it may be, try forcing yourself to smile. Just like how you smile when you’re happy, smiling will make you happy. Try it, you may very well surprise yourself. What about going for a run to clear your head? Maybe a yoga session? And if that’s not your style and you’re willing to seriously treat yourself – what about booking yourself a massage? Sometimes spas have great last-minute deals, and you surely won’t regret it. 

Maybe take a nap? It can help you re-set and wake up with a more clear mind. Meditating is always helpful too, and you don’t need to do it perfectly or properly to benefit from its effects. Just allow yourself to breathe. Try writing in your journal or diary, and allowing yourself to really share your feelings. Go out and buy yourself a beautiful bouquet of flowers, because you deserve it. And if you need to cry, then CRY! There is no shame in that and it might help you get to the bottom of what you’re feeling. 

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