Who Should You Trust?
October 28, 2022
Laura Lee

If you’ve seen The Big Bang Theory then you know that when Sheldon asked his grandmother how he knows who he can trust she answered that there is no possible way to know that and that is what makes life interesting. The truth is at some point you do need someone that you are able to trust. I know that you can rely on them in your time of need.

The real question is how you know who that person is and where you find people you know you can trust. Ideally, people would think that their family is someone they can always trust and rely on but that is not always the case. Sometimes even the closest members of your family can end up betraying you for something that they value more. it could be money, their significant other, or simply out of spite or along with developing a hatred of you that they simply cannot let go of. In a world where you do not know anyone you can trust, you gradually learn to trust people by understanding the kind of person they are and setting your expectations accordingly.

Trust is a two-way street. If you want to be able to trust someone then you need to be someone that they can trust. For that, you make sure you never betray someone by leaking a secret that they trusted you with, cutting them out of something that they should really be a part of, we’re doing anything else that you think is unfair to them and they would definitely disprove. You won’t find a lot of people that you can trust in your life but for the ones that you do it is never a good idea to betray them because you might get some benefit for a few days or even a few years but that does not seem worth losing a friendship that was based on trust.

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