Why Almost Relationships Are The Best
October 14, 2018
Jade Kerr

We all love to hate our almost-relationships. You know, that person that just all of a sudden disappeared? The one that ghosted us, and left us with absolutely no explanation.

We all feel completely ridiculous about the fact that we mourn these relationships since they never really existed. We never were in a real, committed relationship with them, we never met their families, and never did anything too serious.  But somehow, their endings still bother us until today.

We become obsessed over the fact that it didn’t work out, but that maybe, just maybe, it could have. We love to obsess over the things that could have happened and the people we could have loved.

As much as its hurts to move on from these relationships, they offer us a weird sense of thrill. Falling in love with someone without actually ever dating them is completely and wildly thrilling, and it’s a feeling we’re all so unexplainably addicted to.

Truly, the one thing more exciting in love is falling in like with someone. Love is chaotic and complicated. It comes with comprises, and arguments. It’s not glamorous. But like? Like is simple, like is whatever you want it to be.

Like is magnified by our imagination, which is exactly why it’s the best part of any relationship.  At first, there is nothing to not like about each other. There are no hidden secrets, no pet peeves, and no settling for each other.

When it comes to almost relationships, as much as we weep over the endings, they are the best endings. We don’t start to hate each other and never really argued.

We will always remain addicted to the ‘almost’ in every relationships, but maybe that’s just what we need.  We love our almost relationships because they allow us to taste what we think could have lasted forever.

The maybes are what keeps us going.

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