Why Dating Is So Hard
November 9, 2018
Ariella Jacobs

If you’re looking to keep things casual and just meet new people for fun, then great. You can date completely stress-free. But if you want something more serious, then things are lot more complicated.  Dating is just the same as it used to be.

Dating isn’t really dating anymore. Even if you’re asked out on a date, you can never really know if its a real date.  Perhaps they just want to ”hang out” which is so vague, and so annoying. It could mean they just want to be friends, or just get one specific thing from you. No one knows.

Another problem with dating today is that no one wants to get serious until they feel really old. Although people want to wear makeup while they’re 9 years old, lose their virginity at 14 and live alone in high school, they still don’t want to have to commit and settle down anytime soon.  The norm is no longer looking for something serious, actually, it’s more the exception.

Also, in today’s day in age, we aren’t honest about what we really want. We may claim to be looking for some serious, but we don’t like to really go into too much detail.  We are afraid to scare people away by mentioning the word marriage, and we try to always find the right thing to say that we think the other person wants to hear.

We are also, unfortunately, a generation full of skeptical people, who no longer believe in love and have seen and heard about too many divorces. Most people then decide to stay away from love rather than potentially getting themselves hurt.

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