Why Is Life So Hard?
December 10, 2018
Laura Lee

Yes. It’s true. Life is hard. In fact, to say this is pretty much an understatement.  But why don’t they tell us this as children? Did they not want to scare us?

Perhaps our parents should have told us the truth. Perhaps being more honest with us from a young age would have helped us be better prepared.  Because life is seriously so hard and so complicated.

We’re expected to finish school, attend a good college, get a well paying job, get married to a loving partner and start a happy family. That all sounds great, but it’s not necessarily realistic for all of us.  Not all of us have such an easy time on this set path.

Sometimes, we don’t find such great jobs. Sometimes we can’t afford to pay off our student debts. Sometimes, we struggle to find love. Because as children, our parents never told us that we would be likely living from paycheck to paycheck. No one told us that our dream career probably wouldn’t happen, at least not at a young age.

They always told us and tried to help us to believe that we could achieve anything that our heart desired. But it’s all so hard to get there. Of course, the struggles are what make us strong. But it’s so hard to not feel like we’re about to break.

Some days, it’s hard just to get out of bed and start our day. If life feels hard, well, then you’re right. It is hard. Really hard. But you’re not alone. We’re all struggling too, even if it might not look like it on the outside, or on social media.

Next time you’re feeling down from life, think about how far you’ve come. Be proud of where you are. If you are making money somehow, then that’s already great. If you’ve got a roof over your head and food on the table every night, then that’s amazing.

We’re all just trying to do our best at the end of the day.  Stay strong, you got this.

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