Why Is The Chanel Suit Considered A Classic?
February 2, 2023
Andrew Parker

Disregarding the conventional women’s fashion and rules of the time period, Coco Chanel merged the feminine and masculine aesthetics and practicalities to create a chic and elegant look for women, allowing them comfort and class simultaneously. This was a liberating move for women as it allowed them to step out of the restrictive clothing and rules society adorned them with at the time, channeling their practical side and prioritizing comfort alongside style, showcasing how women’s clothing can look pretty and classy without being uncomfortable.

Getty Images/Moment/ Alexandr Dubynin

Coco Chanel used the unconventional and unassuming tweed material for her classic jacket and skirt which became synonymous with an opulent, classy, and empowered woman. The tweed material was considered very ugly, but Coco Chanel styled it with lace, bright colors, and shiny buttons to turn it into the everlasting classic look that rocks the runways a hundred years later as well. The Chanel suit popularized the unassuming tweed material into a must-have fashion need. Today, the suit can be found made out of any material, instead of just the initial tweed material; however, the traditional styles of the suit are still honored and incorporated into the modern Chanel suit as well, signifying its adaptability and relevance throughout generations of audiences.

The Chanel suit has been adorned by all sorts of audiences, from different backgrounds and standings. The suit attracted both young and mature admirers, highlighting its classy and evergreen qualities which transcend time, age, and borders. The suit has been worn by First Ladies, Royal Princesses, Entertainers, Artists, and even people out of the public eye hence, highlighting the significance and comfort of the suit as it can be worn by anyone for any occasion.

The Chanel suit can even be styled separately, with the jacket complimenting even skinny jeans, and the skirt transforming the plainest blouse into a classy and elegant garment, highlighting how the suit continues to break restrictions to this day.

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