Why Long Distance Relationships Suck More Than You Know
February 28, 2018
Claire Miles

The thought of a long distance relationship never comes with positive connotations. Yeah, sure, it’s cute but at the time we feel bad for our friend whose going through one, and tell ourselves that we would NEVER get into one.  Sometimes though, we can’t control fate. We fall in love right before a big trip or move. Happens, and it’s super hard to be far away from the one we love and have to miss them so much.

But truth be told, long distance relationships are a hell of a lot harder than you all think. It’s not just about missing each other. It comes with so many other emotions. Not only do we miss our partner, but often times we don’t even know when we will see them next. It can make us feel completely hopeless, and stupid for waiting for them. It can make us doubt ourselves and question if all this pain is really worth it. It can make us constantly think about ending the relationship and giving up.

It can make us paranoid and constantly worried, not knowing what our partner is always doing. We tell ourselves that we trust them, but deep down, the distance will always create some internal fear.  Sometimes, with time differences and busy schedules, it can be impossible to speak on a regular basis, constantly missing each other’s calls, worrying and getting angry when they didn’t call or text, and not understanding why we weren’t important enough to be made a priority.

At the same time, we’re also trying to establish ourselves and our independence, and show our long distance partner how well we’re doing and that we aren’t spending our entire day crying and thinking about them. But all we really want to do is talk to them all day.

There’s also few things worse than going to bed alone after getting used to having your partner around. We can always hug a pillow, but it’s really not even close to the same. Our friends are tired of hearing about it and simply don’t get it. They tell you to move on and get over it. No one understands, and no one is there to support us.

We count down the days until their return, and try to convince ourselves that it’ll fly by, but then every day without them feels like a year.  And the worst feeling of all in a long distance relationship? Resentment. Regardless of the circumstances and reasons for which one of you left to a different place, it can be hard to truly accept that our partner chose something or somewhere else over being with us.

It can be really hard to seperate the two, and understand that sometimes, it has nothing to do with us.  

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