Why Travel Friends Are The Best
June 21, 2018
Alexandra Wade

If you’ve got a solid group of travel friends, then you are very, very lucky. You’ve got yourself a squad that shares your dreams and wants to make them a reality together with you.  It’s not every day that you can say you and your BFFs have traveled the world together.

You and your travel buddies have this unique connection that no one else will ever understand because you managed to cross things off your bucket list together. When you look around, you’ll never forget the special people that shared these memories with you.  

Your travel buddies share the same wanderlust with you, and the same desire to answer to that craving. You never have to worry about them flaking on plans and you know that they will always follow through.

There is also nothing like our connection with travel friends because we have without a doubt spend countless hours sleeping on each other’s shoulders as a pillow during long flights.  And chances are they always tried their very best to not move an inch once they saw you fell into a deep sleep. That’s true friendship.

You’ve also spent a whole lot of downtime with them, and it really was never boring. That’s a surefire way to test a true friendship. Life can’t always be super exciting every moment, and you’ve made it through delays and detours together, and still enjoyed it all together.

And perhaps most importantly, they’ve helped you and been there right by your side as you conquered some of your biggest fears, such as zip lining through the jungle or bungee jumping off a cliff.

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