Why Your Diet Never Seems To Work
July 22, 2018
Laura Lee

We all know that weight loss can make us feel good and that it’s a significant part of our daily happiness. But if you’ve have some struggles to lose weight despite all of your efforts and dedication, then something is wrong, and it’s for a rather simple reason.

You’re sabotaging yourself by crash dieting. You’ve tried all of the fad diets, Weight Watchers, Atkins, Keto, Paleo, and others that we can’t even name.

There’s a reason though that none of these have worked, or you haven’t managed to keep any of the weight off, then you should know that many diets are actually starvation in various forms. ¬†Your stomach is signalling your brain that it is starving.

The over the top urge that our stomach signals to us is the very thing that has kept animals alive for so much time. But for humans, our brains take it very literally.

The human interprets this starvation signal by shutting everything down and holding onto fat. Your body becomes convinced that death is nearby and that you won’t be getting enough food.

Once your body enters the mindset, as soon as you stop dieting and start to eat again, it is unwilling to let any fat go, and also hoards any new fat in the case that you decided to starve yourself again.

You will not only gain back the weight that you worked hard to loose, but your body will also try to hold onto even more fat. The more you do crash diets, the more your body will get used this vicious cycle.

So make things easier on yourself and stop starving yourself. The best thing you can do is listen to your body and find out what it really needs. This does not mean giving in to all of your craving. Instead of taking some ice cream, try some frozen fruit instead. Or when you want a hamburger, try a steak.

A few simple modifications can make a serious difference in helping you lose weight without getting yourself stuck in an endless loop.

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