Will I Ever Be Enough?
August 3, 2020
Ariella Jacobs

I loved you more than I ever loved anyone before. You were my everything, the one I cared about more than anything, even myself. Just a few months into our relationship, and I knew that you were the person I wanted to be with forever. You, however, didn’t feel the same way. When I expressed my feelings to you, you told me that while you also love me very much, you are no sure that you have the same result in mind at the moment. You said that the timing was just off – that if it was a few years later, you would marry me in a heartbeat. But that as of then, you aren’t ready yet. You told me that there is still more you’d like to experience, to discover. While your answer and rejection devastated me, I understood that I had to let you go. But what happened next I didn’t see coming.

Getty Images/ Moment/ Witthaya Prasongsin

A few years have passed, and we both moved on to different things. Then, out of the blue, I get a text from you. In the text, you asked to meet up with me, catch up, and reconnect. After much hesitation and debate, I agreed to your offer. We met in the evening and going in I had no special expectations. But, I was not ready for what you had to say. You told me that all this time away helped you think and see things more clearly. You told me that you realized that I am the one you want and that if I’m ready, this would be end game. Although it was everything that I wanted to hear from you in years, I couldn’t help but think in the back of my mind – will I ever be enough? Who can guarantee that in a few years from now, you won’t feel like you have to search again? Despite these doubts, I took a leap of faith, and I am so happy that I did. Because many years later, you prove to me every day that I am more than enough.

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